A book for Couples

exploring their sexuality together


If you are a couple who schedule sex for Friday nights with the lights out and in the missionary position and you are happy with that, this book might not be for you. If you wonder if maybe you could kick up the excitement and the fun in your sex life, then this book will help you expand your horizons.

Author Jeff Booth is a leading expert on alternative sexuality and exploration. Los Angeles Magazine called him one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on the topic.

He and his wife Kris have explored personally everything covered in Adventurous Couples. They know the joys, realities and potential pitfalls, and while the book was written by Jeff, it covers both of their experiences and knowledge. They have happily shared their lives and adventures together their entire adult lives.


Adventurous Couples is scheduled for release in 2023. In the meantime, you can explore the resources we have here on this site.



The following are just a few of the subjects the book covers:


Leaning to overcome jealousy can increase the satisfaction in your relationship, even if you are strictly monogamous. Jeff explains the science around jealousy and how it can create unnecessary conflict and limit your own arousal.

Sensual Massage

Massages can be great fro relieving pain and stress, but between caring partners a sensual massage can promote bonding, pleausre, arousalFreeing and great for improving your own body image, social nudism is often a gateway into other explorations.

Social Nudism

Whether you are at a huge nudist resorts or a nude beach, being naked around others can be quite freeing and great for improving your own body image. The more comfortable you become with your body, especially for women, the more you can relax and just enjoy sex with your partner. Social nudism is often a gateway into other explorations.

about jeff booth

Jeff is the author of literally hundreds of articles about sexuality, as well as several books. Jeff has discussed alternative sexuality for couples on radio and television all over the world, lectured on college campuses, and has done many other live presentations. He demonstrated sex toys on the Discovery Channel, and did adult game seminars for the annual Lifestyles Conventions in Las Vegas. He organized an event celebrating orgasms that got national publicity with their setting the world’s record for most simultaneous orgasms in front of a live audience. He ran an online couples adult store for several years, and an adult product review site for even longer. He has interviewed dozens of sex experts and sex workers for his Internet radio show. He was on the board of advisors for the largest swing club in the United States, and for a nudist resort in Palm Springs. His vast experience allows him to steer you through what can be a complicated proposition without the right information.